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From Mid-April through November, Morning Glory Garden offers boxes of freshly harvested, delicious produce from the garden to the Bronx community on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Each harvest box includes herbs, vegetables and some seasonal fruits grown using organic practices at our garden, and is  either delivered to your Bronx home or available for pickup at the garden. 

The variety of fresh produce that we offer is similar to what you might find at a local CSA, but without a weekly commitment or charges for the whole season.  All sales of our produce go to supporting the harvest box program and running the garden.


In light of the multiple crises caused by COVID-19, we are thrilled to offer a sliding scale model of payment as well as a number of free harvest boxes to Bronx families in need of extra support during the 2020 growing season. 

The ordering process is quite simple. We make an announcement via social media and our email lists when a harvest box is available.  Ordering is done online.

When placing an order, you fill out a google form that we provide. Once we have received your order, we will email you a confirmation. On harvest day you will receive your delicious produce! 

If you would like to be added to our Harvest Box email list or have any questions regarding the availability of free boxes, please contact us.

Still Have Questions about Harvest Boxes?  

Check out our Harvest Box FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Harvest Box Questions

Why does what you offer change weekly?

What we offer changes week to week based on what is growing, the weather and where we are at in the growing season. There will be certain staples that we may offer on a regular basis and others that will be offered only once or twice during the season. Excessive heat, rain, pests, plant disease or human error all can dramatically affect what we have available. As a small space we have small margins of error.

Is everything in the Harvest Box grown in the garden?

Most things that we offer are grown in the garden. We occasionally supplement the harvest box with locally grown organic produce that we don't have space to grow, like corn for instance, or fruit that we pick at farms upstate, like cherries or blueberris!

When do you deliver? If delivery to my home won't work for me, can I pick up my Harvest Box instead?

We generally deliver the same day as our harvest on a chosen weekday, between 11am-2pm. Harvest Boxes can be picked up from the garden directly. On the order form there are designsted timeslots that you can choose from. Due to Covid-19, we offer socially distanced 30 minute timeslots for each person - this allows time for you to walk around the garden, speak to us or as a buffer in case you are running late!

What do you deliver the Harvest Boxes in?

Harvest Boxes are delivered in plain recycled paper shopping bags. Paper shopping bags can be recycled again or returned to us for reuse as well.

Can I cancel my order or make substitutions?

You may cancel or alter an order 24 hours in advance. We prefer you not cancel or alter an order on the day it is to be delivered. Keep in mind we harvest as early as 6am on delivery days and can not accomodate late cancellations or changes. You may substitue certain items for others based on availability, but we ask that you understand that frequent changes create more work for us and we are a small volunteer operation.

How do I pay for my Harvest Box?

You can pay online for your Harvest Box online through PayPal or Venmo. We also accept SNAP/EBT, and we accept cash and Food Bucks on delivery or pickup. For the 2020 season we are offering a sliding scale for payment and a limited quantity of boxes are available free of charge.

How can I add myself/someone else to your Free Harvest Box List?

We are working on a special form, but in the meantime, please email us at MorningGloryGarden@gmail.com.

How does the Sliding Scale Work?

We are offering both a sliding scale as well as a certain amount of free boxes for the entire 2020 season. If you will be paying for your Harvest Box, you have the choice to determine how much is appropriate for your household. The range we are offering is between $16-$25. We do not require any documentation, we leave the choice up to you.

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